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dental surgery

Oral hygiene

Tartar, build-up plaque removal with an ultrasonic scaler

Tartar is calcified plaque. It is strongly attached to the surface of tooth and also to the tooth replacements. The device vibrates according to the ultrasound frequency. As a result of vibration, as the airlocks collapse they smash the build-up plaque.

Polishing the surface and gaps of teeth with sand extracting device

With this machine it is possible to remove the discolouration from the teeth, the gaps between teeth can be polished to be smooth, the surface under the bridge can be cleaned.

Treating of mucous membrane and wounds with soft laser

It accelerates your natural healing process to reduce pain and inflammation. Laser light increases the production of energy in the cell. It shortens the recovery of gum diseases, besides it is very effective in healing herpes and aphthas.

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